Sustainable Upgrade Program for infrastructures

Environmentalising Schools and offices in Hyderabad. Empowering young people to act on the future we live in.

SUP is a holistic program. It strives to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and culture of a school, including students, teachers, administrative staff, non- teaching staff, parents, and the local community. Eco-Schools USA works to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop responsible environmental attitudes and commitments, both at home and in the wider community.

Green offices:

A green office is a practical environmental management system for offices. It helps you to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of your office.
We will give you the help and tools you need to plan your green office solutions and we will enact to achieve real results.
this is a green guide or green business certification

Why? & What?

  1. Design for Energy efficiency

  2. Design for healthy Environments: Quality of air, acoustics, low emission materials

  3. Design for low environmental impact

  4. Design for waste reduction

  5. Design for longevity and flexibility


Based on Panchabutas

  1. Sustainable supply chain management - Earth

  2. Energy Efficiency- Air

  3. Water Efficiency-Jal

  4. Waste Management- land

  5. Renewable Energy Systems- Fire


At SUP we take a quantitive and qualitative approach to define the brief and requirements. Need to work alongside the clients plus financials, HR, FM, and spatial managers

Investigations and improvements:

  1. Optimization and organization of spaces with a human focus

  2. Thermal comfort levels

  3. Air quality, toxin levels, and ventilation

  4. Acoustic comfort

  5. Improved natural and artificial lighting

  6. Internal and external views onto nature

  7. The use of natural materials textures, patterns, and colors

  8. The incorporation of recuperative spaces

  9. An aesthetic environment with brand recognition

  10. Psychological and physiological effects of the space

Features of SUP:

Every year Audit will take place. Will renew the Sustainability mark for the company.


Green Offices aim to improve their eco-efficiency. You will get the Green Office label once your office:

  1. Selects a Green Office coordinator and team.

  2. Plans a practical environmental programme.

  3. Improves energy efficiency continuously in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Reduces waste, and recycles, and sorts waste according to law and local requirements.

  5. Pays attention to environmental concerns in procurements.

  6. Informs and educates its personnel about Green Office practices.

  7. Takes steps towards continuous improvement in environmental matters.

  8. Update its environmental program annually.

  9. Chooses the indicators, sets numeric objectives and monitors the fulfillment of the goals.

  10. Reports to WWF annually.