About SUP

The program’s objective is to help youth in India to evolve and become a part of the increasingly rising green communities to empower the future generations to become environmentally responsible citizens by a holistic approach of communication. The communication is our USP and so We are coming up with a personal climate action app, users can track their carbon footprint based on their lifestyle. The app gives you personalised tips for you how you can save money along with climate and reward the user with points price and deals for taking action to fight climate change.

We would like to engage them through an action calculator. Role of this action calculator is, we will list various sustainable actions and the users who will do them in their real life, and can add points by themselves for their actions. The points accumulated will be used to unlock rewards for them. The intention to give them reward is to encourage them to do more actions. The rewards are given by partners (we’re doing a partner program with restaurants, bakers, gyms, events etc.) who want to give discounts for a greater purpose.